It’s time for something organic!

It’s been quiet at Sedouprat for a while but as always we haven’t been sitting around doing nothing. We have decided while we are not ready to produce organic wine yet, we want to sell an organic product that we personally love and use! There is on Mallorca, yes that gorgeous Spanish Island not so very far from the Gers, an organic Aloe Vera Farm, simply called; Aloe Vera Farm Mallorca. They are situated in Santa Margalida, where more than 16 years ago, the owner and farmer Werner and his wife Aline bought a house with 40 hectares of land. First they just wanted to use it as a lovely in the middle of nowhere hideaway until they decided to plant Aloe Vera on the land as the climate and soil seemed to be extremely perfect for it. So they did and now they run an amazing fully certified Organic farm where they produce the purest Aloe Vera juice, Aloe Vera gel, and a range of skincare products all made with the best ingredients. The farm is open for visits and it’s possible to test all the creams, gels and of course the pur Aloe Vera juice, just straight or in a delicious freshly squeezed glass of Orange juice, and yes

the Oranges are organic and come straight from the farm as well.

We have created our website;  where you can take a look at all the goodies that we import to France.

Should you live not too far from us (we are in Eauze, Gers) and if you are interested in any of the products, we are happy to deliver straight to you door to save on postage.

We are leaving you with a litte photo reportage of our visit to the farm on Mallorca in may!