Christmas at Sédouprat on the 22nd of december 2013

This year the theme of our xmas wine tasting will be the official release of the Wilfred Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot 2012.

Springtime in the Gers this year was pretty awful for viticulture and, as a result, yields have been a fraction of the normal volumes. However, when you have low yields, the wines are more concentrated in flavours. So, this year Nick invested in brand new oak barrels from the central French forests in which to ferment and mature the Sauvignon Blanc – to make something really special. The flavours are amazing! The wine will not be bottled until spring but will be available to taste straight from the barrel at the xmas fair.

Warm invitation

Therefore we would like to invite you to come along to Sédouprat on the 22nd December between 6 and 9pm to taste the new wines, celebrate this special time of year and enjoy some traditional Christmas cheer with wine tasting, mulled wine (Jamie Oliver style), mistletoe, snowmen, Santa’s, twinkling lights and crackling log fires.

Louisa from  Enjouanisson will be bringing black pudding, pigs in blankets (that’s sausages wrapped in bacon), sausage meat, paté, sausage rolls,  some charcuterie and mince pies – all organically produced of course. She also has organic, non force fed duck available to order (before the 15th December) at 10,50/KG. Be quick!

Saïra from Siffores will be bringing her fantastic selection of cheeses, including Stilton, Cheddar, “fromage aux truffes” and many other ingredients and different levels of maturity.

Céline from Les 3 Chênes will be here with their choice of foie gras, duck patés made with Armagnac, confits, and their Coffrets Cadeaux if you are looking for that last minute xmasgift.

We are looking forward to seeing you soon!

This year has been a great year despite the impact of the poor spring weather and we are again proud of what we have achieved here at Sedouprat. We are really looking forward to welcoming you to the winery and vineyard to get together for some good Christmas cheer!





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